ICMSS 17th

Invest in YOURSELF by participating in the biggest and oldest Capital Market Seminar and Training held by students in Indonesia!

Faculty of Economics and Business of Universitas Indonesia and Management Student Society proudly present The 17th ICMSS: "Infrastructure Financing: Securing National Development Through Financial Market"

Get exciting and intriguing insights on topics relating to The 17th ICMSS’ grand theme!

Secure your tickets through our website (www.icmss-febui.com) or through text message to our Contact Persons with format: "Name_Institution_Email_Ticket Type"

Contact Persons:
Brafly: 081296844770
Nadhira: 0877 87239531

Book your tickets now!

Note: The 17th ICMSS’ seminars will be conducted in 1 session of English and the rest, along with trainings, will all be conducted in Bahasa

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